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Accessibility & Disability Network

Why networks matter?


Staff networks promote diversity and build a sense of community. They create a safe space for colleagues to support each other.

As an organisation our networks also provide us with an opportunity to gain insight from key groups of staff who may otherwise not have a strong voice in our leadership team. By celebrating our diversity and acknowledging the benefits of different perspectives provide strength to the organisation.


Our Accessibility & Disability Network


The Accessibility & Disability Network serves as a cornerstone for promoting awareness, understanding, and support for individuals with varying abilities and neurodivergent traits within the workforce.

The network will provide a safe and supportive environment for sharing experiences and discussing/identifying challenges that affect staff across the organisation and working on how these could be positively addressed.

The Accessibility & Disability Network also encourages and recognises the importance of allies. Allyship involves being an advocate for the network groups even though they themselves may not necessarily directly identify with it.

The network will be employee led with two Co-Chairs and then general members. Each network will have an executive sponsor who will advocate for the network at a board and management level. The executive sponsor for the Accessibility & Disability Network is Helen Leigh.

You can download the structure and guide for the network here for more information.

If you’re passionate about our Accessibility & Disability Network, you can sign up by sending an email to our Wellbeing Officer at Rachel.macmillan@iriscaregroup.co.uk.

Disability Network - Wellbeing Hub

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