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An Insight into Hydrotherapy

Learn more about Liam Cook, one of St Peter's Hospital's Physiotherapists who has been educating our teams on the science and benefits of hydrotherapy

An Insight into Hydrotherapy from St Peter’s Hospital

26th March 2024

About Liam

Liam Cook, one of our physiotherapists at St Peter’s Hospital, has been working at Iris Care Group for just over a year, but is already making a huge impact in the lives of the people he supports. Combining his passion for sport, with an interest in science and anatomy, along with a desire to help those in need, Liam decided to study and pursue physiotherapy as a career pathway.

On a day-to-day basis, Liam works with people with a diverse range of needs and various physical and communicative limitations – many are bed-bound and struggle with even basic movements like walking. Consequently, exercise and physical therapy is often viewed as an uncomfortable and unenjoyable burden. Liam’s overall goal as a therapist is to change this, simplifying the complexities of physical treatment and aiming to make the process understandable, digestible and fun.

Graduating as a mature student, Liam has since expanded his skillset and qualifications, obtaining a foundation degree in hydrotherapy from the Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (ATACP). Hydrotherapy is any method that uses water to treat a variety of symptoms throughout the body, often avoiding invasive treatments and alleviating issues without medical side-effects.


Hydrotherapy at St Peter’s Hospital

Since obtaining this qualification, Liam has been able to share and apply his learnings in practice, running weekly sessions with individuals from St Peter’s Hospital. A particular success story which stands out for Liam involves DP, who has been making remarkable progress in his sessions. DP is mostly bed-bound and struggles massively with mobility, but hydrotherapy has been the key to transforming his quality of life for the better. Before each session, DP is often tense, anxious, and apprehensive, however hydrotherapy provides him with a completely natural sense of relief, coherence and relaxation, a life-changing benefit made possible by Liam.

The versatility of hydrotherapy allows it to be utilised across a wide range of rehabilitation pathways, for people of all ages and abilities – extending from those with flicker contractions, all the way up to elite athletes. The science may appear complicated, but hydrotherapy can be as simple as taking a warm bath. Water provides an easily accessible, low risk, yet effective platform to maximise physical, physiological, and psychosocial function.

The fundamental properties of water, such as buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure, unlock the potential for the people we support to perform exercises that would otherwise be too difficult to perform on dry land. The body’s natural buoyancy in water reduces the effects of gravity, immediately increasing mobility and reducing joint stress. Combined with hydrostatic pressure, it also improves circulation and naturally reduces swelling, helping to promote a quicker healing response. These are only a few of hydrotherapy’s extensive benefits.

The Fundamentals of Aquatic Therapy

To better educate our teams and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the complexities of hydrotherapy, Liam has put together a presentation, highlighting the fundamental science and processes of the treatment. This can be accessed through our Knowledge Sharing page, or you can read Liam’s full presentation by clicking the banner below.


Liam Cook

Physiotherapist at St Peter’s Hospital

To better educate our teams and develop a more comprehensive understanding of hydrotherapy, Liam has created a presentation highlighting the science and processes of the treatment.

Click here to read Liam’s presentation

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