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Education at Heatherwood Court Hospital

In this blog, meet Jade Edmunds, who is the Skills Tutor at Heatherwood Court Hospital. Learn more about the work Jade does to support patients to build confidence, gain qualifications, and develop their employability skills.

Education at Heatherwood Court Hospital

18th January 2024

Hello, I’m Jade – the new Skills Tutor at Heatherwood Court. My role as a Skills Tutor is to be able to engage and develop our patients’ skills, and support them to gain qualifications that can aid them in the community in the future.

I work with patients to develop a wide range of skills including numbers and mathematics, money and budgeting, and reading and writing. We also develop skills surrounding communication, speaking, and listening, and support patients to learn a variety of hard and soft skills.

We focus on developing these skills to enable our patients to be able to live independently in the community, and aid them with future employment opportunities.

I am currently delivering a range of different qualifications and courses at Heatherwood Court, including:

  • Essential Skills Wales Application of Number (Mathematics).
  • Essential Skills Wales Communication and Literacy (English).
  • Essential Skills Wales Employability Skills (Workskills).

I am also delivering a bespoke course, Health and Wellness, which I created to help our patients build skills to support their health and wellbeing independently.

Our Essential Skills Wales qualifications range from Entry Level 1 to Level 1. Patients will be offered an initial WEST assessment on their arrival at Heatherwood Court which will determine their target level for these qualifications. Patients are then offered the option to attend group educational sessions, or 1:1 educational sessions depending on availability within the timetable.

Our weekly sessions currently include two Mathematics sessions, two English sessions, two Health and Wellness sessions, and a group Employability session. I also have six 1:1 sessions booked each week, and currently support nine patients that are enrolled into one or more educational courses.

The qualifications we deliver are currently standard across the board, but throughout 2024 we will be introducing individualised, person-centred qualifications. My aim is to tailor the qualifications that I deliver to each patient to their individual needs and recovery goals.

Each patient has an individualised learning plan built around their individual learning methods. We all learn in different ways, and I reflect this in my teaching by using a range of different methods to engage patients in their education, including:

  • Work booklets
  • Presentations
  • Group and 1:1 discussions
  • Games
  • Work sheets
  • White board activities
  • Interactive activities
  • Physical activities
  • Demonstrations

My goal is to promote the importance of education, and to demonstrate how the education we provide at Heatherwood Court will better shape the futures of our patients. Education is inclusive to all at Heatherwood Court, and I am currently planning our first ‘Education Day’ this year.

The focus of this day is to provide our patients the opportunity to explore their education options in an engaging, fun, and interactive environment, and to help further educate staff on the importance of integrating education in the treatment we provide at Heatherwood Court.


Purpose-built, Heatherwood Court provides mental health treatment in both low secure and locked environments. At Heatherwood our focus is on rehabilitation and recovery. By providing our patients with relationship and life skills, alongside resilience and coping strategies, we promote the emotional stability which can provide the sound foundation needed to make a successful move back into the community.

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Jade Edmunds

Skills Tutor at Heatherwood Court Hospital

“Education is inclusive to all at Heatherwood Court, and my goal is to promote the importance of education and demonstrate how the education we provide will better shape the futures of our patients.”

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