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My journey from Residential to Supported Living (Sam’s Story)

14th July 2023

My journey from Residential to Supported Living


When I moved into a Residential home I was focused on trying to be more independent, but that was a long way off. Residential home, I used to go out with the support workers, which were sometimes one to one. In time I felt like I needed my independence, so I started working towards going out on my own, road safety. I even did bus training, so that in time I was able to travel on the bus on my own. I even started picking up my own medication from the nearby pharmacy.

In 2022, I decided it was time to move out of residential to become more independent. In the time that I was in residential, I picked up various skills to help me move on, such as cooking, doing my own washing, and taking my own medication. I also picked up some other household chores which I did daily.

Moving to supported living was such a big step in my life, I was always worrying, what if this doesn’t work out for me? But it turned the opposite way and everything fell into place.

I started going out independently whilst being in residential and continued when I came to support living, going on the bus to Swindon and my mum’s. I can go on nights out!! Whilst living in a residential, it wasn’t optional. Supported Living = now my freedom is limitless, if I have my mobile phone and my oyster = the world’s my oyster = lol 😊

Being left in the house on my own for the first time, was I wouldn’t say scary, just weird as in residential, there was always someone there, so you were never left on your own. In supported living, you can be left to your own devices, and I like it that way!

When I was in residential, I sometimes began looking at my future and thought this isn’t for me. I want to get out and be more independent, so moving to Iris Care Group (formerly Holmleigh) was definitely the right move for me.

I picked up some cooking skills when I was in residential, so it helped whilst coming into supported living and made me more independent though I need a bit of support because of my poor motor skills in my left hand due to my cerebral palsy.

Living in Supported Living leads you to give yourself a push when it comes to being more independent, getting involved in household chores like hoovering, washing up and cleaning.

Iris Care Group (formerly Holmleigh) seems to suit my needs, down to emotional and help in different aspects of my life. Also, the environment is calmer and more relaxed, different to what I’m used to in residential!

Also being in supported living concerning medication is a different ballgame all together, as in residential, your medication gets delivered to the house from a company supplier. In supported living, you have to collect it yourself which comes with independence. It shows that you’re in control in helping your condition/ illness.

Because of my memory problems, sometimes I need support to go to the bank and to pick up my medication.
I like doing my own washing though sometimes I can forget to check it. So, I must write notes to remind myself.
I can self-medicate with and without witnesses. Never did that in residential as medication were in blister packs.
Being left in the house on my own concerning epilepsy isn’t that hard to cope with, no point being scared of something you can’t control. Just go with the flow. If I have a seizure, I just have a rest and then carry on! I never let my seizures control my life as that’s not the kind of life I want to lead.

To be honest I can’t believe I’ve come this far!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be living in supported living and being so independent, but I guess it just shows things can happen if you put your mind to it.

By Samantha Read

Samantha Read

“Moving to supported living was such a big step in my life, I was always worrying, what if this doesn’t work out for me? But it turned the opposite way and everything fell into place.”

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