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Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing goes beyond just your salary, it’s about managing your money to help achieve your goals and to reduce stress. Below are some resources to help you navigate various aspects of financial wellbeing.


Wagestream has been launched for Iris Care Group in 2024. This will provide personal and confidential financial coaching and allow staff to access a portion of their salary earlier in the month of necessary. Everyone deserves to feel financially resilient, empowered and secure. That’s why we want to give our staff more flexible pay options that give them the power to shape their pay cycles around their lives.

If you want to sign up reach out to your manager!

What else does Wagestream offer?

  • Track – a simple way of checking your shifts and what you can expect to be paid each month to make financial planning easier.
  • Build – A savings facility that lets you put aside some of your salary each month. Wagestream then adds an extra 5% boost on the money you set aside, so this could be an easy alternative to a Building Society.
  • Benefits Checker – this will quickly work out whether you are receiving all the benefits you might be entitled to. 76% of people who have used Wagestream’s benefit checker have discovered they were not receiving the full government benefits and support they are entitled to.

Plus, grocery vouchers, mobile insurance, a tool to send money abroad with fairer fees, and much more!



Budgeting and Financial Planning

  • MoneyHelper has a Budget Planner to help record spending, breakdown finances and provide personalised tips.
  • The Employee Assistance Programme links to a wide range of financial planning resources, including pension planning, car costs calculator, savings calculators and more. (Username: Ludlow, Password: Street)

Managing Debts

  • StepChange is a charity that helps with Debt Management and will provide you with an action plan and support you through managing your debt.

Savings and Financial Education

  • The Money Charity provides financial education and resources including information around financial planning.

Pension Planning

  • MoneyHelper provides free advice around your pensions and planning for retirement.

Government Support

  • Help for Households to aid with energy bills, childcare costs, income support and household costs.
  • See here to check that benefits and financial support is available to you.

Employee Assistance Program

You can log in using the details below:

Username: Ludlow

Password: Street

You can also head to the Resources document in the Wellbeing Tools section for further resources.

Talk to the Iris Care Group team

If you have any questions about our services including how to make a referral or the career opportunities with Iris Care Group please complete our Get in Touch form.

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