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Located in Downend, Bristol, Overndale House provides intensive relational support for women with the most complex needs relating to serious and enduring mental illness and or personality disorder. The model of care is based on a person-centred Recovery Model.

Many of the women who are referred have stepped down from either medium, low secure or locked rehabilitation services. Frequently they have a long history of serious self-harm and our experienced and skilled staff team can support our clients to use DBT skills to regulate their emotions and to minimise self-harm.

Given the complexity of individual needs at Overndale House we provide our own in-house MDT clinical services with weekly visits from a Consultant Psychiatrist and two sessions a week are offered from our Clinical Pyschologist. We have also forged strong partnerships with locality mental health teams. We take pride in working in equal partnership with the people we support at Overndale rather than delivering services “to them”.

At Overndale House we encourage individuals to integrate into the local community, and to use leisure, occupational and educational opportunities. Within the home there is a strong emphasis on developing all the skills that are necessary for greater independence in the future and to support people along their recovery pathway to the greatest independence possible.

Overndale House is a large detached property with considerable living space and 2 self-contained flats, enabling people to be socially engaged with one another or to choose to pursue their own hobbies and interests in more peaceful, lower stimulus settings.

A strong community presence in a diverse local community helps us to be responsive to ethnic and cultural needs.


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Support Profile:

Conditions: Women with mental health needs

Capacity: 7


To view our latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) Report or to find details of where to write for a copy click here.

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