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The design of St Peter’s Hospital incorporates many dementia and ABI friendly features, and the hospital has worked closely with The Dementia Services Development Centre, University of Stirling, to create an environment that is not only innovative and therapeutic but also encourages patient proactivity.

Visitors to St Peter’s always comment on the brightly coloured ‘front doors’ on each patient bedroom – a feature which has been shown to create a greater sense of personal space and ownership for the patients.

Bedrooms have cheerful, positive colour schemes and plenty of signage to minimise confusion and ensure patients feel confident and in control of their own personal spaces. Common social and dining spaces are bright and airy.

Whilst patients are encouraged to socialise, a number of quiet spaces are available.  For those times when patients feel they need the opportunity for privacy and calm, there a number of spaces available such as the Sensory Room, and the Multi-media room with its Nordic Chair has the facility to project content tailored to individual preferences and tastes.

As an important part of the therapeutic plan, St Peter’s also offers the opportunity to engage in many of the activities that patients may have enjoyed in the past. The hospital has its own hair and beauty salon, and a team of trained drivers regularly take patients out for community trips. A local organisation brings in a variety of animals once a month, which always proves popular with residents.

The St Peter’s team also regularly audits the environment using the King’s Fund Dementia-Friendly audit tool.

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