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Specialist treatment and care provided by highly qualified multidisciplinary teams

At Iris Care Group we have developed specialisms in the following areas through our extensive experience gained over many years and our highly trained and experienced multi disciplinary teams of professionals.

People with forensic needs and backgrounds

Within our hospitals for those with specific forensic risks a Forensically-Informed Psychological Intervention Pathway is available.

This pathway is available to individuals who present with the following risks; verbal threats to harm, physical aggression (inc. environmental damage), intimate partner violence, sexually harmful behaviour (threatened/attempted/actual assault, inc. possession of indecent images) and fire-setting

This pathway is delivered by the psychology team on a group and/or individual basis dependent upon the needs of the individual. The aim of this pathway is to reduce identified risk by giving people the skills to deal with potential destabilisers in the future.

The pathway is built around structured modules and session plans, however these are adapted and individualised to meet specific needs.

Outcome measures, including development and review of forensic risk assessments, are used to evaluate progress.

We are experts in caring for those with forensic needs in our residential services through Ocean Community Services and our Supported Living Services, supporting those moving on from Iris Care Group hospitals and also other NHS and independent sector secure and locked hospitals and prisons.

Providing high levels of staffing and safe environments, alongside appropriate legal safeguards such as Deprivation on Liberties Safeguards and Community Treatment Orders we are able to ensure individuals are able to live meaningful, safe lives in the least restrictive settings in the community.

We are able to provide multidisciplinary support and oversight from our inhouse teams if required for those living in the community.


Autism Spectrum Conditions


We support people with an Autism Spectrum Condition within our Learning Disability and Autism hospital, Pinetree, our specialist education college, Beechwood College and within our community residential and supported living services.


For individuals diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, or presenting with traits related to this condition, the following interventions are available based on individually assessed need:

  • An ASC-friendly environment
  • Speech and Language Therapy assessment and intervention
  • Augmentative communication
  • Structure and predictability
  • Sensory assessment and intervention
  • Social stories to promote engagement in activities of daily living, community participation, and understanding of social situations
  • Visual Aids to support routines


Personality Disorder


For those with a diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder, or who present with emotional/relational instability, an adapted Dialectical Behaviour Therapy informed pathway is available within our hospitals, Heatherwood and Pinteree. This pathway is based upon delivering the DBT modules of mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance.

This pathway is delivered through individual and group treatment sessions, as well as through reinforcement of DBT skill use by nursing and support staff. Materials and session plans are based upon the DBT model but adapted to meet individuals’ specific needs and cognitive abilities.

Outcomes are measured on standardised assessments as well as feedback from clients and progress along their rehabilitation pathway. CBT and trauma-focused interventions are also available.

We are also experienced in supporting women with a diagnosis of Personality Disorder in our residential services where we have a number of dedicated homes and our supported living services.


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