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Planning for success

At Ocean Community Services we passionately believe in a joint approach to planning. We believe it is the best way to fully identify needs and determine the most appropriate means to meet those needs.

This conscious effort to involve not only each individual but also their complete support network ensures we develop comprehensive care and rehabilitation plans which enable each individual to achieve their fullest potential by increasing their confidence, skills and independence.

Involvement and Equality

From the moment an individual moves into a home they are encouraged to become involved in the running of their home and see themselves as an integral and valued member of the home’s team.

They play an active role in their care provision by completing regular questionnaires to identify how satisfied they are with the service they receive, and they attend weekly home meetings where everyone we support gets the opportunity to put forward their suggestions for shaping further improvements in service delivery.


Talk to the Iris Care Group team

If you have any questions about our services including how to make a referral or the career opportunities with Iris Care Group please complete our Get in Touch form.

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