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Social & Professional Wellbeing

Social and community wellbeing refers to the quality of our relationships, community connections and sense of belonging. This ties in to your professional wellbeing through healthy relationships at work. Professional wellbeing also entwines with finding satisfaction and balance in your work life.

Social Wellbeing

Healthy Relationships:

Strong connections with others in a healthy and positive way lead has numerous health and wellbeing benefits. Maintaining healthy relationships can help improve mental health, reduce loneliness and stress.

  • The Mental Health Foundations recommends the following top tips to build and maintain healthy relationships with further details found here:
  1. Get to know yourself
  2. Put in the work
  3. Set and respect boundaries
  4. Talk and Listen
  5. Let go of control
  6. Reflect and learn
  • Learn about what constitutes healthy, unhealthy or abusive relationships here.

Making New Connections

  • Local sports clubs are a great place to make new friends and foster healthy relationships. Head over to the Wellbeing Resources document to find local clubs in your area.
  • Age UK has a great article on the importance of social connections as we age and some suggestions on how to stay connected.

Professional Wellbeing

Time management

  • See the Employee Assistance Programme for time management tips.
  • If you’re struggling to complete tasks or prioritise then have a chat to your manager. They’re there to help you.

Team building exercises

  • Team building helps improve communication and bonding within the team. Here’s a link to a set of team building games.

What to do if you’re having difficulties with interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

Speak to your manager. The best thing that you can do is be open with your manager if you’re having issues so that they can help resolve it.

If you feel that this is not an option then reach out to our Wellbeing Officer who will liase with HR.

Asking for support from your manager

To support your wellbeing in the workplace it’s important to talk to your manager. That way they can look at what they can do.

If you aren’t comfortable talking to your manager then you can reach out to the Wellbeing Officer as well.

Employee Assistance Program

You can log in using the details below:

Username: Ludlow

Password: Street

You can also head to the Resources document in the Wellbeing Tools section for further resources.

Talk to the Iris Care Group team

If you have any questions about our services including how to make a referral or the career opportunities with Iris Care Group please complete our Get in Touch form.

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