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The Supported Living Senior Management Team are justifably proud of the close relationships they have with their teams and the commitment they all show to providing person-centred care that brings fulfilment and joy to everyone they support.

Find out a bit more about them; what they like, what makes them tick.

Operations Director - Social Care England

Michelle Cox-Coley

What do people appreciate about Michelle?

Michelle truly believes in what she’s doing, down to earth, grounded, Positive outlook, Sense of humour, honesty, integrity, loyalty, passion and commitment, Professionalism, Compassionate and non-judgmental, Strong values & good role model, family orientated.

What is important to me?

• To work for a person-centred organisation. It is important to me that I believe in what I do.
• To do my best at all times, no matter what I do
• I love to learn, and get a buzz from everyone having the opportunity to share their ideas
• It is important that I work in an environment where change is embraced and celebrated.
• To be positive, have a 'can do' approach.
• Ability to see the lighter side of life.
• Fairness, kindness, generosity, tolerance and empathy are values that are important to me.

Regional Operations Director - Supported Living

Joe Algeroy

What do people appreciate about Joe?

Joe is a fantastic advocate for the people he supports and his staff teams.

He makes sure people’s voices are heard, and he supports people to develop the skills, confidence, and knowledge they need to have their needs met.

What is important to me?

Seeing people develop, grow, and realise potential.

Being part of a progressive organisation that values and champions people’s rights. Honesty & integrity.

Working as part of a team that has a positive outlook and solutions-based approaches.

Regional Operations Director - Supported Living

Sabrina Nash

What do people appreciate about me?

Positive attitude , Sense of humour, Passionate , understanding, reasonable,
Calm, Compassionate , Strong value base ,
Approachable, adaptive and resillient.

What is important to me?

• To do my best to achieve quality outcomes for the individuals we support
• I love to work as part of a team and share knowledge and ideas
• To prioritise my workload
• Always having a positive outlook, putting a positive spin on even the most challenging of situations
• Finding solutions

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