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Here you can find our upcoming Wellbeing events and awareness days.

LGBT+ History Month: Whole month of February 2024.


The 2024 theme celebrates LGBT+ peoples’ contribution to the field of Medicine and Healthcare both historically and today.

We want to showcase the amazing work of LGBT+ staff across the NHS and in other healthcare settings, in providing healthcare, especially during the pandemic. Whilst still shining a light on the history of the LGBT+ community’s experience of receiving healthcare which has been extremely complicated leaving LGBT+ people still facing health inequalities even today. Keep an eye on our Wellbeing Wednesdays posts throughout the month of February!

19th February 2024

It’s week 3 of LBGT+ History Month! Today we’re highlighting Christine Burns.

Christine is a British political activist known for her work with Press for Change, a key lobbying and legal support organisation for trans people in the UK. She fights for transgender rights, helped put together new employment legislation and the Gender Recognition Act and wrote the first ever official guidance on trans health for the Department of Health and Social Care.

The LGBT Foundation has a Trans Advocacy Service for assistance around medical rights for trans people. All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.


12th February 2024

For week two of LGBT+ History Month we’re highlighting Kay Lahusen. Kay was a professional photographer, write and gay rights activist. She was key in persuading the American Psychology Association (APA) to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders. She also was crucial in documenting the movement against conversion therapy.

Kay and her partner of 46 years, Barbara Gittings, were involved in the early LGBT+ rights movement and then acted as mental health advocates.

Below are a list of mental health resources specifically for LBGTQIA+ people.

  • MindOut is a LGBTQIA+ mental health service offering support services where Online Support can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Mind has a comprehensive list of useful LGBTQIA+ mental health contacts here. They also have a great article here about LGBTQIA+ mental health.
  • Switchboard offers listening services via phone, email and instant messaging as a LGBT+ specific helpline.


5th February 2024

LGBT+ Person of The Week: Dr Alan L. Hart (1890-1962)

Our first LGBT+ History Month Medicine #UnderTheScope person of the week is Dr Alan L. Hart!

Assigned female at birth Dr Alan Hart obtained an MD from the University of Oregon in 1917 before undergoing a hysterectomy and gonadectomy in 1918. Dr Hart is one of the first trans-men to and live the rest of his life as a man.

Dr Hart pioneered the use of the X-Ray for the early detection of tuberculosis, resulting in a massive reduction in tuberculosis related deaths. The use of the X-Ray for diagnosing tuberculosis is still the preferred tool used today.


Regular Health Screenings for Trans People

Screening can be difficult for some trans and non-binary people, especially when screening relates to areas of the body that are birth assigned sex specific. These areas include the chest, cervix, testicles and prostate.

Screenings are preventative to reduce the chances of cancer developing. All people have the right to be treated respectfully and with dignity by your healthcare professionals. If your required health screenings make you uncomfortable speaking to your GP or healthcare provider means they will be able to do what they can to make your experience as easy as possible.

The NHS Wales has a good article on screening for health screenings for trans people. You can check it out here. For England there’s a leaflet here for screening on trans and non-binary people.

Health screening related to birth assigned sex can be distressing but ensuring we’re up to date with our regular health screening is key to our physical wellbeing. TransActual has a good article on what your rights are and how to obtain support from your GP.


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