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It’s crucial to recognize the profound impact that sleep has on our overall health and wellbeing. In today’s fast-paced world, where demands on our time and attention seem to be ever-increasing, prioritizing sleep often takes a back seat. However, neglecting our sleep needs can have far-reaching consequences on both our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Here are some key points that highlight the importance of sleep:

  • Cognitive function. Sleep plays a critical role in cognitive function, including solidifying our memories, learning, and decision-making. Quality sleep is essential for allowing our brain to perform properly. Lack of sleep can impair cognitive abilities, leading to decreased focus, memory lapses, and poor decision-making skills.


  • Emotional Wellbeing. Adequate sleep is closely linked to emotional regulation and mental health. Getting enough restorative sleep can help stabilize mood, enhance resilience to stress, and improve overall emotional wellbeing.


  • Healing and Repair. Sleep is a vital time for our bodies to repair and rejuvenate. During sleep our bodies repair tissues and help grow our muscles. Adequate sleep ensures that our bodies have the opportunity to recover from the wear and tear of daily activities, promoting overall physical health.


  • Cardiovascular Health. Adequate sleep is essential for maintaining cardiovascular health. Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. Sleep helps regulate blood pressure, heart rate, and other cardiovascular functions, supporting overall heart health.


So if all this is so important how do you best support your sleep.

You can track you sleep through the Employee Assistance Programme app – Wisdom. You can sync to your smart watch if you wear one. There are also 4 week plans to help support you to improve your sleep, meditations to help you drop off and a range of other resources.

You can download their app from the app store by searching My Healthy Advantage and choosing to create a new account.

It will ask you to enter a unique code which is – MHA109381

There are also the below resources to help support your sleep!

  • The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association offers support and resources. Sleep Apnoea can be really disruptive to your quality of sleep which can then impact on your day to day life.
  • The NHS offers tips for how to fall asleep faster and sleep better. A good night sleep can have great benefits for your mental wellbeing too.
  • Mind offers practical tips for helping you improve your sleep.
  • Meditating can help sleep and help you switch off at the end of the day. The NHS here shows you how to meditate if you’re a beginner.

Via RecogniseMe you can access 10% off Sleepseeker to help you create a nice, comfortable, sleep environment. Head over to RecogniseMe, click on “Benefits” at the top, then the “Discounts” tile.

Physical activity can really help improve your sleep quality. You can access discounts to gym memberships also through the discounts tile on RecogniseMe. Below are the discounts available!

  • JD Gyms 10% off
  • Fitness First 15% off monthly membership + no joining fee
  • PureGym up to 10% off monthly membership plus no joining fee

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